R-S-I: over 40 years „Made in Bavaria“

Design, Development and Manufacturing of

customer-specific Hard- and Software




Developed in Bavaria – in use worldwide

Our products are essential whereever robust measuring and control systems are needed. Especially for the use in compressed air systems, water treatment and heatings.

From compact embedded systems to more complex touchscreen applications we offer solutions for machine and plant engineering.

Acquisition and processing of highly sensitive sensor signals, control of drives and visualization of machine states in control rooms, via webbrowser or IoT platforms are our know-how.

Our Products

All RSI products are based on the continuous development of our own hardware and software components. Industry-specific know-how allows for fast adaption to the needs of our customers.

In close cooperation with the customers solutions are generated which perfectly cover the individual needs and help our customers improve their competitive position.

RSI air|Touch controller family

With the RSI|air controller family our longtime experience is finally availbale for a broad range of machines: off-the-shelf, ready for air compressors of any size.
As RSI version or easily adaptable to your applications and your company.
Also available as heat|Touch, dry|Touch or temp|Touch.
air|Touch 8

air|Touch 8

Our flagship controller for compressed air applications. It can be used as controller for a single compressor as well as consumption-dependent air management.
8″ resistive Touch with 800×600 pixel color LCD, Ethernet, USB, RS 485 interfaces, generously designed I/O layer.

Customized I/O Modules

Tailored for you application. We design modules that suit your needs. This way you can simplify wiring and reduce cost of putting into service while still keeping flexible: best value for money!

Services: Design and Development of Hard- and Software

Our service covers all applications in which measurement and control is required. Are your annual quantities in the range of 500 to 10,000, are you looking for your own product but do not have the competence for electronic development in-house? Then you are in the right place. Please contact us!

RSI MK200 I/O Modules

I/O extension module for DIN rail mounting. A wide range of modules with ditital inputs and outputs, analog inputs and outputs as well as mixed signal versions are available.
Compatible with all RSI controllers.

RSI Communication Module KM 200

Communication module KM 200 Profibus DP: our communication module for wall mounting. Always the right solution when it gets crammed in the switch cabinet or your individual housing. Retrofittable anytime.
Also available as LONWorks and Ethernet module.

Custom Project: Compact Controller

Basic controller for air compressors. Customized version. Robust, proven, reliable.

From first idea to series production

Project development

  • individual consulting
  • professional projectmanagement
  • training and service
  • longterm support with one dedicated contact person

Hard- and Softwaresolutions

  • tailored solutions
  • modern development tools
  • agile methods und teams
  • UX-design
  • structured processes


  • SMD and THT
  • wave and selective soldering
  • device assembly
  • trained specialists
  • ROHS compliant


  • initial sample inspection
  • automatic optical inspection (AOI)
  • automatic X-ray inspection (AXI)
  • functional tests with automatic needle-bed inspection
  • burn-in tests

Tailored controllers for challenging applications combined with up-to-date UX design


Using a modular design for hardware and software components we are able to offer customized solutions within a short time-frame. Adding sensors to a combination of existing and individually designed modules results either in a simple thermostat or in a control device capable of controlling complex processes. We consider your individual needs when designing and developing the necessary software. This results in flexible solutions and allows fast adaption to new requirements.


Wherever control competence is sought, the programmable microprocessor controls of R-S-I are a perfect fit: they provide for process reliability and allow continous monitoring and visualization.Typical applications range from water treatment, pressure maintenance and compressed-air supply to degasification, disinfection and drying plants.


Accurate information is priceless. Well-informed decisions are possible only with the right information at the right time and in the right place. We assist our customers in handling this challenge. Individual solutions for information transfer and communications systems with field bus, ethernet or internet help to establish the right connections, thus enabling our customers to gather, store and profit from precise information.



1974 - 1979

1974: Foundation of the company by Franz Sorg. Development and production of the first electronic controller for rotary screw compressors at the home garage.
Relocation from the home garage to the first production site in the home village. RSI now has got a staff of five.
first products: Electronics for electric engines: U1, U2, U3, U4; Adjustable star-delta time and follow-up time. LEDs for warnings and errors.

1980 - 1989

1984: Relocation to Schweitenkirchen.
The company needs more space for a staff of 30 and new machines for pick-and-place of SMD components.
1986: After a short period of time production space has to be extended again. To 2200 sqm (>23000 sqft).
products of the 80ies:
First microprocessor-based compressor controller.
The own modular PLC E85 complements customer-specific embedded systems.


1990er: The 90ies are characterized by intensive development of products and expansion of industry know-how:
1990: Expansion in the German compressed air and water treatment sector. Introduction of the first lead lag control for air compressors.
1991: first custom display for our air compressor contols.
1993-95: new product line K10, MK10 and MK100.
1996: development of controllers for pressure maintenance in heating systems.
1998: introduction of field bus interfaces for Profibus, Modbus and CAN.
1999: first teleservice solution: PC-based monitoring for a compressor plant complete with accessories and access to all connected machines.


2002: It is time again. Time for a new building to make room for modernizing as well as extension of the production facilities to 3000 sqm (>32000 sqft) .
Between 2000 and 2003 a new generation of compact controllers is developed: MK20 GR and CM, MK200 K and TAN GR128.
For the first time RSI offers controllers with graphical display an integrated pressure sensor.
We develop a simulation for compressed air networks in order to test sequencers and optimize algorithms.
As of 2005 we concentrate on complementing webservices for visualization and maintenance purposes.
We also start into customer-specific developments for other industries: automotive and heating.


  2012: Exactly 10 years after the last expansion another new building is finished and put into service. Now there is room for several production lines on 4000 sqm (>43000 sqft) and flow of materials can be optimized.
Our world gets colorful! Introduction of a new controller generation now with color LCD and touchscreen.
New technologies call for new methods: we now cooperate with designers and design agencies for best user experience.
2014: Presentation of a new platform for control panels and compact controllers with integrated websever. Based on a realtime Linux system we can accomodate your requirements more easily. First application for our „flagship“ is in the heating area, but also in the compressed air industry it becomes standard for more sophisticated applications.

Jobs at RSI



Looking for a job opportunity? – We are looking forward to your application! Email to Vertrieb@rsi-elektrotechnik.de.


Please note that our working language is German.



Currently we are looking for:


Elektriker/ Elektromeister (m/w/d) –

Elektroniker (m/w/d) – Maschinenbediener (m/w/d)

Fachrichtung Geräte und Systemtechnik oder vergleichbar.


Wir bieten Ihnen selbstständiges, eigenverantwortliches Arbeiten in kleinen Gruppen, flache Hierarchien und Möglichkeiten zur Fortbildung nach Ihren Interessen.


Wenn es Sie reizt, abwechslungsreiche Aufgaben zu übernehmen und Sie eine neue, herausfordernde Tätigkeit suchen, dann schicken Sie uns Ihre Bewerbung!


Entwicklungingenieure Hardware/ Software (m/w/d)

Verstärken Sie unsere Entwicklungsabteilung!


Sie haben ein Studium der Elektrotechnik absolviert (Dipl.-Ing., Master Univ/FH oder vergleichbar) und idealerweise schon  Erfahrung in der Entwicklung von Embedded Systemen.


Zu den Aufgaben gehören u. a. Konzeption/ Entwurf/ Inbetriebnahme anwendungsspezifischer Hardware für Mess- und Regelaufgaben (Pulsonix).


Wir bieten Ihnen selbstständiges, eigenverantwortliches Arbeiten im kleinen Team, flache Hierarchien und Möglichkeiten zur Fortbildung nach Ihren Interessen.


Wenn Sie sich gerne in Anwendungen einarbeiten auch mal über den Tellerrand schauen dann schicken Sie uns Ihre aussagekräftige Bewerbung!


Praktikant/ Werkstudent (m/w/d) Web-Anwendungen, App Entwicklung

Unterstützen Sie uns bei Konzeption und Entwicklung von Demo-Anwendungen zur erweiterten Steuerung von Maschinen.


Sie befinden sich im Studium Elektrotechnik und bringen erste Kenntnisse in Webtechnologien und Softwareentwicklung mit? Nutzen Sie Chance, sich einzubringen und neue Erfahrungen zu sammeln. Wir bieten Infrastruktur und persönliche Unterstützung für interessante Projekte in der Vorentwicklung.


Ausbildung Elektroniker/-In für Geräte und Systeme

Technisch interessiert? Auf der Suche nach einem zukunftssicheren Beruf? Wir bieten Lehrstellen zum „Elektroniker/-In für Geräte und Systeme“ an.


Zur ersten Orientierung ermöglichen wir auch gerne ein Schülerpraktikum. Gewinne Einblicke in das Unternehmen, Berufsbild und den Arbeitsalltag. Möglich laufend und in allen Schulferien (außer Weihnachten).


Bewerbungen bitte schriftlich; gerne per Email an Vertrieb@rsi-elektrotechnik.de.